Aquanauts Logo and Video

Here is a logo I made for a movie riffing-group.

I’m also Lord Fundington
Oh, who’s that?  He appears in this video.

 – the footage was Shot by Kevin Grotsk.  Editing and motion graphics by John Bell at Adhesive.  Construction paper sets and story boards by Matt McGinnis.  Concept by Mary Robinson.  Theme song by Stefan Baker.  Lyrics by me, Seth!  Recorded and mixed by Jude Alvarez. Starring Kayleigh Liggitt as Nurse Undine, Mary Robinson as The Marchioness, Matt McGinnis as Captain Fink and His Boy Chip, and me, Seth, as Lord Fundington.

This was fun to be a part of.  In the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Gilligan’s Island, it’s a theme song that discloses the premise of a show.  In this case, it sets the stage for why a group of people are watching a movie, or short film… because they’re stranded at the bottom of the ocean of course.